Simulations in Science and Engineering" is pleased to announce a summer school for graduate/PhD
students in the fields of data science and high performance computing:
FoMICS Block Course on Mathematical Cardiac Physiology
October 23rd  - December 11th, 2019 


The block course is supported and organized by Swiss Graduate School FOMICS - "Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering”, which is located at ICS.


The Institute of Computational Science (ICS) at the Università della Svizzera italiana announces course open for PhD and Master's students on Mathematical Cardiac Physiology.


The course, starting on October 23, 2019 is taught by Dr. Simone Pezzuto (ICS, CCMC) and will cover advanced mathematical and numerical aspects of cardiac modeling. 




Important dates

The course is distributed on 8 lectures of 2h each, starting from October 23rd, 2019. Room is SI-015, time 1:30pm to 3:30pm.  





The heart is an extraordinary organ. Its ultimate function is rather simple: to pump the blood throughout the body. How such functionality is achieved is however remarkably complex and poses significant challenges from a modeling and computational perspective.


The aim of this course is to review three important aspect of cardiac modelling: the inverse problem of electrophysiology, covered in the first part, cardiac mechanics, in the second part, and the fluid-structure interaction.


More info about the course can be found here: info







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Simone Pezzuto (USI), Rolf Krause (USI), Maria Giuseppina Chiara Nestola (USI)



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