Call for participation for the

6th Workshop on Parallel-in-Time methods
in Monte Verità, Switzerland

23.10.2017 - 27.10.2017

The efficient use of modern high performance computing (HPC) systems has become one of the key challenges in computational science. Top HPC architectures have already attained million-way concurrency, and current trends suggest that processor counts will continue to grow rapidly. Exploiting these levels of parallelism using traditional techniques for spatial parallelism becomes problematic when, for example, the problem size per processor shrinks and communication costs begin to dominate.

For the numerical solution of time-dependent differential equations, time-parallel methods have recently been shown to provide a promising way to extend prevailing strong-scaling limits. To overcome the seemingly inherent serial dependence in the time direction, and to enable integration of multiple time-steps simultaneously, one idea of time-parallel methods is to introduce a space/time hierarchy, where integrators with different accuracies and costs are coupled in an iterative fashion. Serial dependencies are shifted to the coarsest level, allowing the computationally expensive parts on finer levels to be treated in parallel. Thus, the key to optimal parallel performance in most time-parallel methods is a well-balanced relationship between aggressive coarsening and fast convergence.

The 6th time-parallel workshop will take place in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. Conference fee is CHF 500, which includes accommodation and all meals as well as a nice tour through the city of Bellinzona. Travel support for PhD students is available.

Download the Book of Abstracts

In the occasion of the 20th anniversary of activity of the Congressi Stefano Franscini, 

ETH Zurich’s conference platform at Monte Verità (Ascona, Ticino),

the Director and the Scientific Board of the Congressi Stefano Franscini announce

a CSF Award for young scientists 
for best scientific oral presentation (including a poster presentation)
CHF 500.-

which will take place during the workshop.

In order to be eligible, the recipient must be a PhD student or someone 

who has accomplished a doctoral degree within the last 3 years, maximum age 33 years. 

Deadline for submission of abstracts is
September 30, 2017. Earlier submission is welcome.

Please submit your abstract (at most one page, including references)
as a pdf to rolf.krause AT usi DOT ch

Acceptance of abstracts will be communicated individually latest within two weeks after submission.
After acceptance, rooms can be booked at the Hotel and Conference Center Monte Verità, the venue of choice of Congressi Stefano Franscini (ETHZ) subsidized conferences.

If you would like to participate without giving a presentation, you can register via email. Please be advised that in case of too many applicants, priority will be given to applicants who submit an abstract.



Conference Venue:

Monte Verità


  • R. Krause (Università della Svizzera italiana)
  • M. Gander (Université de Genève)
  • D. Ruprecht (University of Leeds)
  • R. Speck (Jülich Supercomputing Centre)
  • M. Bolten (Universität Wuppertal)
  • J. Schroder (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • G. Wittum (KAUST / Goethe Universität Frankfurt)


All participants will stay at the Hotel and Conference Center Monte Verità, which is close to Locarno. Booking of rooms is part of the registration process. Arrival day is Sunday, October 22nd. All room bookings are from Sunday to Friday.

Shuttle times for Sunday (Locarno train station to Monte Verità): 16.10 - 16.50 - 17.35 - 18.15 - 18.55 - 19.35

Shuttle times on Friday (departure): 13.25 - 14.05 - 14.45 - 15.25 - 16.05 - 16.45. The shuttle has 9 seats, “first come first served basis”.



The closest airport is Lugano Airport (LUG). This airport has international and domestic flights.

Locarno can be reached conveniently by train also from Zurich Airport (ZRH). This airport has international and domestic flights and is about 10 km from the center of Zurich. For train connections, please see the page of the Swiss Railway SBB CFF FFS

Another major airport is Milano Malpensa Airport (MXP), which has international and domestic flights from Milan, Italy. There are train and shuttle bus connections to Bellinzona. From Bellinzona, Locarno can be reached easily by train using the Swiss Railway


Switzerland has an extremely well working and reliable railway system. For connections to Monte Verità, please see the page of the Swiss Railway.


The major highway for reaching Monte Verità is the Swiss highway A2

Public bus

Bus Nr. 1 from Locarno railway station to Ascona (stop Ascona Posta) and then Bus Nr. 5 ("Buxi") from Ascona to Monte Verità. Duration: 15-20 minutes for Line Nr 1. + 8 minutes for Line Nr. 5. Cost: 2.20 CHF for one way ticket from Locarno to Ascona + 2.00 CHF for a one way ticket of the Buxi from Ascona to Monte Verità Schedules: Line Nr. 1 and Line Nr. 5.


There are several taxis available at Locarno railway station. The cheapest rates are usually with the EcoTaxsi. Booking necessary: phone +41 91 792 21 01 or 0800 321 321 (free number only from Swiss phones). EcoTaxsi from Locarno to Monte Verità - Duration: approx. 15 min. Cost: approx. 24 CHF

Additional travel information can be found on the page of the Monte Verità Centre. For Travel Grant, please visit the following link:

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